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DermaQ - Assess baldness level with AI | Product HuntDermaQ - Assess baldness level with AI | Product Hunt

How Pulse Can Help You

Deep Insights

Deep Insights

Pulse can help you understand hair and skin related issues deeply and scientifically. Ask any query and expect a precise answer.

Know Root Cause

Know Root Cause

Ask Pulse about the possible reasons for your hair loss or other dermatology issue. Share your symptoms and health vitals and know the root cause.

Nutrition and Sleep

Nutrition and Sleep

Get a personalised diet plan for hair growth or understand the sleep protocol and lifestyle you need to follow to achieve healthy skin and hair.

24*7 Advisor

24*7 Advisor

Count on Pulse to answer your treatment-related questions, provide dermatological guidance, and nudge you towards healthier choices.

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Pulse constant guidance helped patients take much more informed and holistic approach towards hair loss

DermaQ - Assess baldness level with AI | Bothunt

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